Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not training....Something's gotta give.

Well it seems I've hit another training fail. Pretty disappointed not to be on the bike but work and a pretty high level of bike-xiety about my impending move interstate is just getting the better of me.

It's funny because I think of all those freezing cold winter days we got up at 5am and rode in -4 in the rain, hail and snow and it seemed so easy to get up then but right now I'm shattered.

I know Lisa K is also not on the bike this week, although I'm hoping she is having better luck getting on the trainer. My messy little shoebox isn't particularly conducive to hardcore windtrainer sessions.

I looked at a calendar of the weeks til christmas finally (after basically avoiding thinking about it) and theres only one week between now and the big rides where I don't have to travel interstate. Travel for work is going to basically knock any of my training efforts out of the water.

I'm having trouble psyching myself up for any hills at all, training sessions I would normally relish (as you all know).

Anyway, I think the point of this post is that it does often get the better of you, trying to work and juggle commitments and also get on the bike. I wish this low point which is translating into three fairly restful weeks in a row, had come in the middle part of the year or the early part of this ToB training cycle, but sadly its come right at the end when i have only a few weeks left to prep for the Hartley 300km ride and the Tour of Bright.

I'm working on not beating myself up about it though (actually I'm just a bit too tired too) and hoping to have a fun race with KateH tonight. It's been pointed out to me that just getting on the bike for a ride, no pressure, might actually make me feel better (as it tends to do) so I'm just hoping to ride my bike.

I guess its proof that you actually cannot train and train and train and work and work and work and still expect your body to keep letting you. eventually it will say no, fairly loud and clear.

And now off to work to try and write a five year plan by the end of the day....


  1. Totally hear you Rach. When I started this training program I expected that, with 2 kids and a career, I wouldn't be able to hit all of my sessions. I told myself that if I hit 90% of my sessions then it was effectively 100% in my circumstances. But I actually managed to hit closer to 100% - that is until now. I'm single-parenting this week and, while I knew my training would suffer because of it, I didn't realise quite how much I'd miss my bike (I almost feel like I'm having withdrawals!). I have managed to squeeze in a few trainer sessions, but they just don't give me the same "training" feeling I seem to need. I was beating myself up a bit for it earlier in the week, but have chilled out about it now: life has competing priorities and it was time I stopped and got mine sorted out. This week it's not the bike's turn to be highest priority. And trying to keep it all in perspective for me: as much as I love my bike and would love to do nothing but ride it day in and day out, I will never be a world beater and will always have competing life demands that will require me to be flexible. The bike is part of my life, not the other way around. We'll both get back on our bikes and have a great time doing so. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself. :-)

  2. A bit of time off is ALWAYS a good thing, planned or not. Take it as a well-earned break. An excuse to put your bike-weary legs on the couch and take some time to switch off from it all. When you deserve the time off you often comeback right on the mark and feeling stronger about your riding. Have a holiday from it and understand that life comes first.